DIY Yoga Mat Spritz

Something we haven’t really touched upon on the blog before is our mutual love for yoga. We have both been practising for a couple of years or so and we have found it to be highly addictive!

With yoga classes comes the issue of the yoga mat: an essential piece of equipment that is exposed to all-sorts of use and abuse. It gets stood on, balanced on, sweated on, rolled up and dumped in the car until the next class or taken into the house and then made into a bed by the dogs! This makes the humble yoga mat the perfect breeding ground for germs.

We thought we should show our yoga mats a little TLC by making our own cleaning sprays for them and you can too…

Photo 19-07-2016, 16 28 07


All you need is:

  • Witch Hazel
  • A bottle with a mist nozzle (we got ours off Amazon)
  • Water
  • Essential Oils
  • Labels and a Pen




Fill 1%2F4 with Witchhazel (4)

Witch Hazel is a natural anti-oxidant and astringent, great for germ fighting and by adding your own choice of essential oils you can make your spray relaxing, grounding, energising….whatever element you feel would be beneficial to your yoga practice! Kate used eucalyptus for its antiseptic and energising properties – perfect for helping get her through those tough sessions on the mat! Becca chose Orange for its calming and feel good properties!

Photo 19-07-2016, 16 53 11

We ended up making several sprays as they are just so easy to make. The eucalyptus and mint spray is so refreshing and with the recent hot weather in the UK has been doubling up nicely as a refreshing body spritz. The lavender spray is also a lovely relaxing pillow mist too!

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