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Narnia Turkish delight cakes 

If you read our blog regularly you may have noticed by now that we have a bit of a thing for using tea whilst baking. With the help of Betty Crocker we have found the perfect (and super easy) recipe to use time and time again, which also lends itself really well to incorporating different infusions. Turkish delight is a classic flavour that we adore and as we have been really into rose flavourings at the moment, we thought we’d try some rose cupcakes using the delicious Enchanted Narnia tea from Bluebird Tea Co.

Enchanted Narnia Tea Cupcakes



To compliment the flavourings we used the Velvety Vanilla Betty Crocker mix alongside Fentimans Rose Lemonade to enhance the taste of rose.





To make the cakes…

  • Brew 2 tsp of Enchanted Narnia tea in 50mls of hot water.
  • Add 50mls cold water after 4 minutes to prevent ‘oversteeping’.
  • Refridgerate for 24 hours to further infuse.
  • Strain the tea infusion (tea leaves are not to be eaten!)
  • Mix 80ml of the tea infusion and 220ml of rose lemonade with the cake mix.
  • Separate the mix into cupcake tins.
  • Bake for 18 – 22 minutes.
  • Whilst cooling place the leftover 20mls of tea infusion into a bowl.
  • Gradually sift into the same bowl icing sugar, mixing until you reach the required consistency.
  • We added a few drops of red food colouring to the icing sugar to make it pink
  • Top your cakes with the icing and some rose petals if you wish (we like the idea of making your own sugared rose petals if you have the time!)
  • ENJOY!

These cupcakes brought a beautifully delicate hit of sweet fragrant rose, making them a really lovely sweet treat – perfect incorporated into an afternoon tea.

Have you tried any baking with tea? We are always looking for recommendations of what to try next!

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