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Watercolours with Oh Comely & Blank Inside

We’ve recently discovered Oh Comely, a women’s magazine bursting with beautiful visuals and thought provoking content. The Magazine’s most recent issue featured the work of New York based watercolour artist Meera Lee Patel (you can view her Etsy shop here). We joined the Oh Comely team this week when they held a London workshop with the help of London based artist, Liz Temperley of Blank Inside hosted at the Platform Gallery in Habitat on Kings Road.

The workshop got off to a good start when we arrived to cake and a table set with beautiful flower arrangements for us to draw and paint (what more could you want…?). Liz started us off with some pencil sketches drawing inspiration from the beautiful flowers on the table in front of us, all gathered from Liz’s garden. We worked through 1 minute sketches, 5 minute sketches then a ten minute sketch. These exercises were aimed at loosening us up which was, at first terrifying, but gradually got us into the swing of things and gave us the confidence to start with some paint.

Liz was on hand to offer guidance throughout the evening along with the lovely Oh Comely ladies who were great at giving moral support when needed! We are really pleased with the outcome of our pieces and we’ll definitely be trying some watercolour projects at home. Liz’s work was also on display to show just how versatile this medium can be, we highly recommend paying a visit to her website – her work is phenomenal!

Thank you to the Oh Comely ladies, Liz Temperley and Habitat for a lovely evening!

Do you work with watercolours, have you got any hint and tips for when we next break out our paints?!

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