Ten Days of Tea Shirt: Finale!

So here we are at day 10, the finale of our series of mini posts on Tea Shirt. We have not drunk so much tea since Christmas (remember our tea advent!?)

Tea Shirt are a couple run company based in the London, Kriszti and Andras were united by a mutual passion for tea which spurred them on to create their own blends pushing the tea boundaries. You can find them selling their tea in person at Camden Lock Market. With each order they send out a little origami crane (shenbazuru in Japanese) to bring luck to everyone who drinks their tea! Its little touches like this and super friendly customer service that make brands like this so special.

Another special thing about Tea Shirt is their packaging. Each tea has a unique label designed especially for it, its own t-shirt if you will! These are all designed by co-founder Kriszti who draws inspiration from traditional textiles from the areas where each tea originated.

We had a chat with co-founder Kriszti to discuss their tea offering:

“We are sourcing our teas from quite a few places so it took a really long time to organise all the products (after sampling so-so many!), but we are very happy with the result and we believe we have something for everyone. We are experimenting with interesting blends and people seem to like them very much so far. Some of the blends (or very very similar ones) were already available in the tearoom back home as well, so there was a bit of nostalgia involved when we’ve put together our range.

We want to show our customers how important they are to us; and that we want them to have a great unboxing experience. One customer actually called to tell us how touched she was by all the little gifts in her parcel; another customer said she felt like she received a gift, not an order. These are so important to us and give us so much energy and happiness and we are so grateful!”

If you’ve been following our posts you’ll already know that Topkapi won a place in our top brews! It’s such an incredible tasting blend – if you had to choose just one tea to buy from Tea Shirt we’d recommend this one! Read the full post here.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Tea Shirt for sending us samples of your teas. We’ve really enjoyed trying out some new blends and coming up with ideas of new things to make with tea! We hope you’ve enjoyed our posts too and let us know if you’ve tried any of Tea Shirt’s teas yet!

You can read the full series of posts here!

…Now anyone for coffee?!…

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