Ten Days of Tea Shirt: Barbados Rum

We love cocktail themed tea and were really excited to see this Barbados rum blend from Tea Shirt. Just opening the packet and smelling this blend left us feeling a little intoxicated even though it has no alcohol! After allowing this tea to brew for the allotted time it was bursting with flavour and almost syrupy. The tea had a nice spice to it which reflected the rum flavourings and was reminiscent of Black Forest gateaux.

Barbados Rum (£1.99 for 20g)

We can’t wait to make this into a concentrate to bake with as it would be a great addition to cakes and brownies but to start with we decided to try some alcoholic ice lollies…

  • Cold brew 4tsp Barbados Rum Tea in 500ml lemonade for 24 hours
  • Strain tea
  • Add 2 shots of rum (any rum will do!)
  • Pour into ice lolly molds
  • Sprinkle dried coconut on top prior to positioning lolly sticks
  • place in freezer
  • Enjoy!


Bugs & Birds

*We were sent this tea by the lovely people at Tea Shirt but all opinions are our own and we were not paid for this review.

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