Inspiration for the Home

You may have noticed we’ve been pinning mainly home inspiration at the moment as both of us are making small (and some large) changes to our houses – a lot of which involve more plants! Here is a run down of what is inspiring our home style…

All the plants... (2)

Becca’s Living Room Inspiration

I’ve never been much of a girly girl but I’m really loving the new blush pink tones especially when paired with leafy greens. This look actually stemmed from a pink and green Calathea plant that has become the centrepiece to my living room. Natural materials such as linen and pairing it with emerald greens rather than minty shades, stop it from being too candy coloured. Blush is also the perfect shade to pair all of the copper home accessories I may or may not have been buying in abundance recently…

Izzy sofa from in blush pure belgian linen | Blush velvet cushion from Not on the High Street | Wine glass from Sainsburys Botanist range | Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Antoinette | Similar Wallpaper here, here or here  |

Plants Plants Plants

Whatever the style the one thing we always agree on is plants, EVERYWHERE! There is no such thing as too many. Hanging and wall-mounted planters add another dimension to home decor keeping surfaces clear, helpful for achieving that simplistic Scandi look we all love at the moment (and making dusting quicker!).

Plant Stands; Iris Planter with Chevron Stand & Wooden Leg Planter both West Elm | Copper Wall Planter from Amara |

Kate’s Bedroom Inspiration

Light and neutral walls are a timeless way of keeping smaller spaces light and airy, something that’s really important to me in my little house. Never one for specific themes I find neutral tones with eclectic touches here and there of furniture / accessories / soft furnishings that I’ve picked up along the way add hints of colour and personality. I have so much love for wild flowers and after going to Rebecca Louise Law’s ‘City Garden’ installation recently I have been exploring ways to incorporate these into my home permanently. 

Framed Floral Prints, Thomas Eyek | Illustrated Pantone Cards by Luna Chrissy | Rug, Urban Outfitters | Umbra Mirror Set, Urban Outfitters (U.S)|

See more of our home inspiration and the sources for all pictures on our Pinterest boards!

Bugs & Birds


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