The City Garden

Inspired by gardens and green spaces in the City of London, artist Rebecca Louise Law has created The City Gardena site specific installation for Guildhall’s new gallery, The City Centre. Fresh flowers are entwined with copper wire above head height where they can be observed as they dry out and preserve themselves.

We first spotted the exhibition on Instagram and once we saw it we just had to go and find this little botanical pick-me-up in the city! Rebecca Louise Law is a London based installation artist. Her artworks are inspired by and created from natural materials, predominately flowers as you can see in the photos. Similarly to Rebecca’s previous works her installation will evolve as natures course take place bringing attention to how beauty can be found even when this beautiful flora has bloomed at its fullest.

Only a small part of this installation’s beauty can be caught on camera and we can’t even begin to describe the phenomenal smell that accompanies it.

The installation is inspired by the planting of 34 of the green spaces and gardens within The City of London and celebrates both the new public spaces currently in development and over 200 open spaces run by the City Gardens Team. These open spaces include church gardens and the ancient green spaces surrounding the old London Wall. Accompanying the exhibition is a planned walk you can do around the 34 gardens, following the route on a printed map or iPhone app.

The City Garden exhibition is open Monday-Saturday from 10.00am-5.00pm until 25th September 2016. For more information visit

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