Hunting for the Perfect Mint Green Tea

No matter how many blends of different teas we have in our collections, first thing in the morning we always end up reaching for a blend of mint green tea.  Green tea has proven health benefits including improved metabolism and a fantastic antioxidant. With mint being great for settling the tummy and aiding digestion it is easy to see that there are plenty of pros to drinking mint green tea asides from just the taste.

For a while now we have been on the hunt for our perfect blend of mint green tea and have tried lots of delicious blends! Below we have two tried-and-tested favourites and two previously untasted teas, one from Yum Chaa whose tea blends we are huge fans of and another from Birdhouse Tea Company who we just happened upon whilst browsing the internet for new tea blends to try.

(L-R) Dragonfly Tea, Moroccan Mint.  We Are Tea, Moroccan Mint. Yum Chaa, Gunpowder Mint – Pinhead. Birdhouse Tea Company, Botanical Gardens.


Dragonfly – Moroccan Mint.

Organic Gunpowder Green Tea with Spearmint Leaves (£2.00 for 20 bags)

Dragonfly sell this little charmer in tea bags, perfect for keeping a couple in your bag for those impromptu tea dates when your friends only have PG Tips (nothing against PG Tips, we just aren’t fans of black tea). Unfortunately this used to be available to buy in our local supermarket but has not been available for a while, luckily Dragonfly sell online (and delivery very quickly!) Just opening the box of this tea smells heavenly and in Becca’s own words “smells like it will refresh your soul” (yes we were tea drunk at this point). Not only do Dragonfly deliver on smell with this tea but they deliver on taste too, with enough gunpowder to give it an edge but not overpowering the sweet spearmint. An adorable little manta is included on the tag of each teabag just to make you smile, good work Dragonfly!

We Are Tea – Moroccan Mint

Green Tea and Peppermint Leaf (£5.88 for 100g)

Having won gold stars at the Great Taste awards on three separate occasions you can be sure this tea is a sturdy blend. With peppermint leaves used for the mint side of this tea you find yourself with a refreshing hit but without the sweet overtones you may get with blends using spearmint. We would recommend a longer brewing time to get the most flavour out of this tea, and the blend can take a good amount of brewing without becoming bitter like many green teas. This tea comes in bags or loose, take your pick.

Yum Chaa – Gunpowder Mint, Pinhead

Chinese Pinhead Gunpowder Green Tea with Spearmint (£5.50 for 100g)

YumChaaWhen Yum Chaa describe this as a bold take on mint green tea they mean it, the Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea used in this blend provides a real smoky flavour perfect for a mid afternoon wake-me-up. The blend is light on the spearmint giving a subtle hint of minty sweetness. The pinhead description depicts the quality of the tea used and the way the green tea has been rolled, this is a high quality tea, as are all of Yum Chaa’s blends.

Birdhouse –  Botanical Gardens (Sheffield)

Organic Green Chinese Sencha with Peppermint, Spearmint and Marigold Petals (£3.95 for 60g)

We are newbies to Birdhouse Tea Company and it is a little bit of love at first sight – this independent company have got their branding spot on and their customer service is even better. Birdhouse organise their blends into varying collections and this blend was from their Sheffield collection put together to pay tribute to this company’s home city. This blend offers warm herbal and green notes to begin with followed swiftly by a super hit of refreshing peppermint and spearmint that lasts long after the final mouthful. High five Birdhouse!

These teas are all winners in our books, we recognize everyone has different tastes and hope that our run-down of these teatastic blends helps you find your perfect blend. The highlight of this tea tasting session for us was Birdhouse’s Botanical Garden Blend, we are excited to try more of their blends and you can expect to see more of them on the blog very soon!

NB If you are ever caught short without your own mint tea remember you can use fresh mint straight from the garden for your own fresh brew (just make sure you wash it first!).

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