DIY Sugar Scrubs

It is getting to that time of year when  the  warmer weather creeps up on you and that means you’ll be baring those legs for the first time, in order to get our pasty pegs summer ready it is time to get scrubbing and exfoliating! This does not need to be expensive or even involve a trip to the shops, you can make your own scrub simply using ingredients from your kitchen, and  in less than five minutes! We have even added one of our favourite ingredients…. TEA!


To make the scrub all you need is:

Granulated sugar
Almond oil (you can use other forms of oil but almond or coconut smells the nicest)
A Jar
Your favourite tea (rooibos and botanical blends often work best)


Fill your jar with sugar (there is no need for exact measurements) and add the oil until you reach a consistency you are happy with (we kept our scrubs slightly on the dryer side as we use ours in the shower/bath). Now you can add the tea (you don’t need to brew it), we added the equivalent of 6 teabags/teaspoons of tea. If you fancy a bit more of a kick to your scrub you add some essential oils for fragrance.


Kate used a green tea from Teapigs with eucalyptus oil, perfect for detoxing and clearing your mind, eucalyptus is also wonderfully cooling in summer! Becca used Bluebird Tea Co’s Narnia blend with some lavender added in for extra luxury and relaxation.


These scrubs are for body only – the sugar is far too harsh for delicate facial skin however we have also tried this Honey Bee Beautiful facial scrub from Bluebird before which was great and left our skin feeling really soft! We would highly recommend it!

What’s your favourite homemade beauty product? Have you made scrubs before? Send us your recipes, we’d love to try them!


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