Urban Jungles

Something in our blog and our Instagram doesn’t quite correlate, we’ve just realized over here on the blog we have totally ignored our love for succulents and unusual little house plants. So what a perfect time to share with you some of our favourite little guys…

FullSizeRender (23)

Moon Cactus in front of Bugs amazing new kitchen tiles (Swoon)

House plants are great for good feng shui (flow of energy) in your home, purifying the air (they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen) and for just general loveliness! There are some thoughts that having certain plant life in your home can promote good health by improving sleep, reducing anxiety and even boosting memory! (Read more here)

L – Echeveria Lila China in vintage jelly mould. R – Variety of succa and cacti in glass bowl with moss and pine cone for company.

We regularly frequent a few local hotspots for many of our house plants. Since discovering From Victoria (Needlemakers, Lewes) Birds cant stay away and the beauties pictured below are amongst many of her adopted babies from there! How adorable are those delicate leaves on the Sophora?!

L – Sophora/ Little Baby. Top R -Muehlenbeckia/ Maidenhair Genus. Bottom R – Ceropegia Woodii/ String of Hearts

Other regular haunts of ours are Spiderplant  and Geo-Fleur, both lovely shops run by lovely people!

L – Heart Cactus. R – Prickly Pear/ Bunny Ear Cactus.

Another noteworthy source if you are also a plant lover is Lobster and Swan, the lovely lady behind this blog produces beautiful photo after beautiful photo of her urban garden – major plant envy and often featuring her adorable cat! We highly recommend heading over and checking out her blog or instagram feed!

L – Pilea/ Chinese Money Plant. Top R – Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora/ Paddle Plant. Bottom R –  Pachyphytum Oviferum.

Lobster and Swan has also started a hashtag – #botanicalpickmeup and you can join in the fun too by sharing your favourite little green friends!

Cacti variety in teacups Birds decorated with Sharpies!

You can see more of our urban jungle over on our Instagram or Facebook feeds!

Bugs & Birds






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