Macrame plant hanger

Macrame Plant Hanger DIY

House plants are THE best! We have major love for a bit of greenery in our homes, and when we say ‘a bit’ we mean ‘A LOT’!

It has reached the point where Birds has so many house plants that she needs a bigger house to have room for them all, unfortunately a bigger house isn’t on the cards just yet so a temporary fix was in order!

This brings us to hanging planters, these are pretty ‘in’ at the moment and it is possible to find lots of lovely varieties in stores and online. As we already have lots of pots and are always up for finding a cost effective option we decided to make our own….

Want to have a go? You will need something to make the hanger with, obviously! These hangers are super versatile so you can use any thing from thin wool to chunkier t shirt yarn. Birds opted for grey and white bakers twine. You will also need a tape measure and curtain hoops for ease of hanging are optional.

Start by measuring low you want you hanger to hang and add roughly three inches to this length. Double that number and cut four pieces of twine to this length. Fold in half and knot the end to create a loop.

Spread out the strands of yarn into pairs and do another simple knot about an inch along from your loop knot. Try to keep all your knots at equal distances.


Split the lengths of yarn into pairs again ensuring they are not paired with the length of yarn they have just been knotted with. Make another knot for each pair, roughly one and a half inches along from the last knots.

Repeat this step until you have created a ‘sling’ for your planted to sit in. You can check you have made enough knots by sitting your hanger over the plant pot you are making it for…

FullSizeRender (5)

Ideally you want the knots to finish above the pot so it is held in place securely.

Once you are happy you have made enough knots tie your yarn together at the ends using another loop knot, your planter can then be hung by this loop (ensure you tie this REALLY tight!). Alternatively you could tie the ends around a curtain hoop, Birds is planning to hang hers from a hook and thought it may be easier to hook a curtain hoop onto a hook.

FullSizeRender (2)  FullSizeRender (3)

This is a super simple example of a macrame hanging planter. It is really easy to make them more ornate by playing around with putting your knots in different places like we did with these two…

Hanging planters help utilize otherwise empty space in a room adding a bohemian feel, they are also a great way for owners of waggly tailed pets to have their plants on show but in a space that they aren’t in danger of being bumped into or eaten!

Have you got any ingenious ways of displaying your plants?

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