Top Teaware picks…

The changing of seasons brings with it new collections of everything from homeware, and clothing and much to our delight – teaware!

Here is a round-up of our top teaware picks…

It doesn’t matter how much amazing tea you have if you haven’t got the perfect vessel to drink it from! This humorous mug from Jolly Awesome really tickled our fancy and when you are on the go this stunning origami bird travel mug by David’s Tea is perfect…


In fact David’s Tea are killing it this season with their spring collection, we just can’t figure out how we have made it this far without our own origami bunny infuser






Oh and whilst we are on the subject – their tea of the month sounds divine! Melon drop, described as a light and fruity spring favourite featuring honey dew lemon, kiwi and a hint of papaya.



Why do you not ship to the UK David’s Tea?!!!

Back to the subject … The tea house have the perfect tea set for when you feel like sharing and for those times when you are entertaining with your finest china Jing Tea have the perfect Tea-iere and Decanter set

With as much tea as we have we need some beautiful tins to store it all in!

How perfect are these Rigby & Mac bird tins for storing tea in?! These brightly coloured peacock tins from M&S will brighten up any kitchen and for those after something simple this geometric canister from Imprima at Lakeland will suit any kitchen!

Finally we love Evie Seo‘s gorgeous collection of tea and book themed mugs and other merchandise on Society 6! The below are our favourites but honestly we would buy all of them…

Beautiful teaware is something we always have time for! We would love for you to point us in the direction of your favourites!


Bugs & Birds


3 thoughts on “Top Teaware picks…

  1. Stephanie Smart says:

    Obviously I love this post!!! Especially the Davids tea bit 🙂 TEA FOR ALL!!!! I was just there this past weekend and was so focused on getting some relaxing teas to calm me down that I totally missed out on the melon. Guess now I have an excuse to go back 😉 Thanks guys!!

    That first mug is the best thing ever, and is true! Once you go down the biscuit rabbit hole, it’s hard to stop!!

    Great post, and I hope you both are doing well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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