Inspiring artists on Instagram…

We both have what could be deemed as a slightly unhealthy addiction to Instagram and love scrolling through pictures of delicious healthy meals, beautiful tattoos and inspiring yogis! One great thing about Instagram is that it’s helped us discover some wonderful artists as well and has us craving for some beautiful original works to make our own. We thought we’d share some of our favourites below…

We love these gorgeous woodcuts by Robbie Jones Woodcuts (@robbiewj) depicting beautiful scenes and Bugs especially likes his moths! They’d look so lovely hanging on the wall.

Victoria Clare Gray (@victoria_c_gray) creates intricate drawings, prints and more! We’re really excited about the pretty pin set she is releasing soon!

Katelyn Morse (@katejerryy) paints whimsical scenes and her instagram photos of them are an art in themselves.


Aspiring tattoo artist @lunachrissy‘s black and white dot work designs are inspiring us to get more tattoos..

We’d love to hear some of your recommendations of new artists for us to follow!

Bugs & Birds


2 thoughts on “Inspiring artists on Instagram…

  1. Katie says: has beautiful paintings, lovely embroidery. I follow a lot of sewing a quilting people but I would highly recommend and for fresh, modern quilting. And last but not least – for cool, Swedish yarn based art. 🙂


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