Copper Shelf DIY…

You may remember our tea advent over December, in fact we drank so much tea in December 2015 that it shall forever be known as Teacember. Tea was bought, tea was drunk, tea was photographed, instagrammed, blogged, by the end of December we would have been all tea’d out if that were possible but quite frankly it isn’t.

As a result of Teacember Birds ran out of real estate on her tea shelves, leaving only one option – to make a tea shelf. After the copper magazine stand we made a while back we found that copper is a relatively easy medium to work with and extremely versatile. For the top of the shelf Birds used some slate coasters she had laying around.

In order to make a copper and granite shelf you will need…

3 Slate Coasters.

8 Copper right-angle connectors.

1.52 metres copper tubing.

Epoxy glue.



  • image1 (9)Saw your copper tubing (carefully) into 6 pieces.  2 x 38cm, 4 x 15cm and 2 x 8cm.
  • Put your shelf together starting with the longest pieces of tubing (a), attach right angle connectors to each end of both of these. 
  • Now attach the four 15cm lengths of tubing to the other ends of the right angle connectors (b).
  • Connect these together with the final two (and smallest) lengths of tubing (c).
  • Glue connectors and tubing in place, allow to become tacky but whilst still malleable glue on the coasters side by side to the longest lengths of tubing to make the top of your shelf. 
  • Allow to fully set prior to putting anything on top!


This shelf has maximised the available space in Bird’s tea shelves, and could be used in so many ways, we think one would look great on a windowsill to maximise plant space or in the bathroom for keeping toiletries in order. Remember when making your shelf the sizes are completely customisable to fit your own spaces! Make sure you tag us in your finished results on instagram!


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