February Round-Up

Lusting after …

These gorgeous prism shelf brackets from the queen of shelfies herself –  Kendra Sally‘s instagram, WANT! The gorgeous teaware  in Bluebelle & Co in Brighton (enter heart eye’d emoji here). All the plants in Spider Plant, a new shop that has just opened in Brighton.

Making us smile…

These custom birthday cards featuring Birds furbabies made via Moo. Exciting post days like Bugs getting this Moomin colouring book from a lovely friend. This Pride & Prejudice illustration by Wildflower Illustration Co.


We have been keeping our tummy’s happy with our nutritious Buddha Bowls, these Vegan Cheese Scones, and this Love Potion Tea, yum!


71cd6160-cab8-0132-46ed-0e9062a7590a.gifVikings is back, and it is as good as ever! The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston made a good impression in its first couple of episodes, you can always count on Tom Hiddleston to brighten up a Sunday evening! Finally; It Follows – a slightly strange and disturbing but equally captivating film.

What we got up to…

Bugs found a buggy wall in Shoreditch whilst working an event there, Birds had an active weekend away rock climbing and doing aerial acrobatics. Bugs checked out the Brighton Etsy sample sale.

Isn’t it crazy to be already in March?! We hope you are all having an amazing start to 2016!

Bugs & Birds




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