Monthly round-up: January


We can’t believe how quickly January went by! Here are a few things that we did last month, things we lusted after and our plans for February!

We baked… using tea!
Enchanted Narnia tea biscuits and banana chai tea loaf. We also experimented with cold brew tea – our new favourite way to up our water intake without the added sugar that comes with many squashes and juices.


We made…(Or should that be we started…!)

We started making lots of projects and haven’t quite got around to finishing all of them. Bugs is learning to knit (again) and making a simple headband. Birds made a lunar phases wall hanging and has started making ceramic planters but has yet to sand and finish them off. Also following our tea antics in December, Birds has had to make an extra shelf to accommodate all her tea. We have put a sneak preview below (DIY to follow soon!). Prepare for more crafty endeavours in Feb!

We’ve been lusting after…

These gorgeous tiny succulents we spotted in the window of From Victoria at the Needlemakers in Lewes. In fact Birds liked them so much she went back when they were open and ended up getting some new plants, isn’t that Fishbone cactus splendid?!

February sees the start of an upcoming kitchen project and Bugs has been lusting over pictures of beautiful kitchens! Keep an eye out for more kitchen news coming up!

Kate lavie kitchen Hexagon Tiles 2 Kitchen Beaumont tiles

Birds has been sorting through and clearing out some of her old Jewellery stock to make way for new designs.

We’ve been reading…

I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith, this book came highly recommended by Bugs, and Birds cannot put it down! Bugs started off the year reading The Watchmaker of Filigree Street which she really loved (so much she rated it 5* on Goodreads!) and such a beautiful hardcover edition too!

We hope you had a lovely January but for now, who else is excited that pancake day is almost here?!

Bugs & Birds


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