Cruelty Free Living…

Here at Bugs & Birds we try to stick to cruelty free products and one place we know these are readily available is Lush. Lush’s whole ethos is natural, vegetarian, ethically sourced and produced products. On top of this they sell ‘Charity Pots‘ where 100% of the proceeds from these products go to charity.

What more could you want from a company? Cupcake face mask? Yes they do that too, and it is amazing!

The Cupcake Fresh Face Mask uses rhassoul mud and cocoa powder to draw out impurities, fresh mint to rejuvinate and cocoa butter and linseed to soften and moisturise. Birds finds this mask a lifesaver to her blemish-prone skin.

Snowman shower jelly – this was delicious to use. The lemon oils and bergamont left our skin feeling soft and moisturised with a pleasant zingy scent that lasted all morning. This will be a repeat purchase!

The Cup O’ Coffee face and body mask is a must for coffee addicts. Roasted cocoa extract, vetivert and coriander oil give this mask an invigorating fragrance and the coffee grains wake the skin up by sloughing away any dry skin. This face and body mask is one we think we could convince our men to try out too!

Salt and Peppermint Bark scrub bar smelt amazing and worked effectively as an exfoliant, the oils leave your skin feeling lovely and conditioned however it did break apart quite quickly resulting in only around 6 uses.

One of the big things that lures us to Lush is the variety of products that come without packaging. For the items that do, if you save the pots and return them to store you can get one free product for every five pots. A fantastic way to encourage recycling! The only problem with Lush products is that Bugs gets so tempted to eat them…

Birds was recommended in store the Jungle conditioning bar, with conditioner being something we are very fussy about this had a lot to live up to.  Full of goodies such as cocoa butter, avocado, and banana, whilst it doesn’t leave your hair as slippery as your average store bought conditioner it does de-tangle and smooth your hair. In addition to using this bar you may want an occasional conditioning treatment if your hair needs a little extra TLC but all in all this product is a hit and seems to last forever!

Recently Birds paid a visit to the Lush store on Oxford Street, it was amazing, bath bombs galore! Sakura, Sex Bomb, Dragons Egg, Butterball and Ickle Baby Bot are all amazing. No relaxing bath is complete without a glass of wine, candles, a good book and a bath bomb, popping the bath bomb under the small of your back and letting the bubbles float up is so relaxing!

What are your favourite cruelty free products?

Bugs & Birds


3 thoughts on “Cruelty Free Living…

    • Bugs & Birds Blog says:

      Hey! Yes all of a sudden over the last year my skin has changed and become very sensitive, lush products seem to be ok though, although I am always so nervous when trying them because usually if something is strong smelling it means I’m going to react to it. You could always try it on a really small section of skin before putting it all over your face?

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