2015 Round-Up & Tea Competition Winner Announcement!

2015 was the year we started Bugs & Birds. We’ve been busy documenting all our makes, bakes and adventures since September this year and below is a round-up of a few of our highlights:


We baked…quite a few cakes, what with lots of crafternoon’s and birthday parties to go to! Our biggest endeavour had to have been vegan meringues, which we’ve not fully perfected yet and shall be trying again this year! Other highlights were Dandelion & Burdock cupcakes, Diet Coke cake and G & T cake.

tea 1tea 3IMG_0956img_1247

We drank…a HUGE amount of tea! December saw us trying 25 different types of tea with our homemade Tea Advent Calendars. After all that tea drinking we thought we’d try some of the Christmas tea blends from Brighton based Bluebird Tea Co. and Chi Trading.


We made…a hand-stamped address book, decorated the house with paper ornaments for Bugs’s birthday party, tried our hand at stitching-by-colours and one of our biggest projects was a copper magazine stand. We also both took up sewing and Birds made some pyjama bottoms and Bugs sewed a dress for the first time! We’ll be posting about them in the upcoming weeks!


We did…We went to lots of fantastic craft fairs and markets this year with highlights being Renegade Craft Fair, Brighton Etsy Market and we visited The Handmade Fair for the first time! We also tried our hand at screen-printing and attended a tea mixology evening at Bluebird Tea Co.

So there you have it! We’re starting 2016 with lots of things to make, do and more tea to try. We’ll be posting some of our goals for 2016 on Wednesday so tune back in then to see our plans! In the mean time we’re very excited to announce the winner of our 25 Days of Tea competition – watch the video below to find out:

Bugs & Birds


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