G&T cake

This is one of our favourite recipes – one which we go back to time and time again as it is one of the easiest cakes to make and is tasty however it turns out!

We recently made one for Bugs’s birthday and have even made it with gluten free flour in the past (which worked just as well) but thought we’d try our own vegan take too!

The original recipe from Pudding Lane relies on weighing out your eggs in their shells to determine the weight of the rest of your ingredients. We felt this probably wouldn’t work so well using egg replacement so decided to find a simple lemon drizzle loaf that we could adapt to include the best ingredient of all: Gin!

The recipe we decided to go with was by The Ethical Chef. As the recipe was already vegan this saved us faffing around with egg replacements, instead the recipe used vegetable oil.

This lemon drizzle recipe leant itself well to being converted into a gin and lemon cake. Simply replace some of the water with gin!

We made a cake as well as a batch of cupcakes as we wanted to make enough for friends to have a try, an we have friends with big appetites! As one of our friends are Coeliac we decided to  make the cupcakes gluten free, which we did by simply using gluten free flour.

As for quantities of gin, this was a bit of a guessing game! We meant to replace around 100mls of the 170mls ofwater needed in this recipe with gin but Birds got a little carried away and ended up completely replacing the water with gin (WHOOPS!). For the cupcakes we did manage to stick to 100mls gin and 70mls water.

We drew upon the Pudding Lane recipe and made up a gin and sugar syrup with one shot of gin and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Allowing this to saturate the cake by pricking holes in the top with a fork and pouring the syrup over.

For the icing we simply used icing sugar with lemon zest and juice and a shot of gin.

Both variations of this recipe passed the taste test, the gin was strong in the loaf cake from the syrup but completely replacing the water with the gin didn’t overpower it. The cupcakes didn’t taste much of gin but the lemon came through nicely, there were also a lot more dense than the lovely light and fluffy loaf cake, we aren’t sure if this is due to the gluten free flour or the water/gin ratio not working as well in cupcake form.

Have you any experience baking with gluten free flour? If you have any ideas where we might have gone wrong we would love to know!

We paired our gin and tonic cake with a cup of Bluebird Tea Company’s Earls Paradise tea. This earl grey tea is blended with strawberry, papaya, bergamot, jasmine and lime and offers a delicate and fragrant flavour that goes beautifully with our cake. In case you missed it we are running a competition alongside our 25 Days of Tea! Check out our last blog post for details! 

Bugs & Birds


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