Lusting After… Copper

With pay day on the horizon we are already planning how to spend our money and you may notice this month all our picks have a common theme… (Click on pictures to be directed to each item’s purchase page).

Copper hanging planter by Geo-Fleur (from £40). We are huge fans of this London-based company, they have just launched a kick-starter campaign we highly recommend checking it out.


Copper ombré glassware from Matalan


Asda’s homeware is really on point at the moment….

Copper Letter Rack from Asda (£10)


Asda Copper Cafetier (£5 – bargain!)


Copper Dipped Plant Pot from Sort London (£14). Check out their marble versions too!


Misfit Shine, activity and sleep tracker ($69.99). We love how sleek and stylish this activity tracker is.


Skagen Moon Phase Watch in rose gold and black (approx £150-£200).


England At Home Sand Black Floor Lamp with golden interior (£159.99).


or you could go full copper with this Copper Floor Lamp from The Forest & Co (£168)


Dinosaur Planter from Dingading Terrariams (£19.50), because you are never too old for dinosaurs!


What’s on your wish list this month? We’d love to know!

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