Copper Magazine Stand DIY

We have been seeing this DIY pop up all over Pinterest lately and with our recent obsession for all things copper who could resist?! We followed a fantastic tutorial by South African Mother-Daughter duo Zana to make ours, you can find the tutorial here.

We purchased our lengths of 2 meter copper tubing from a local DIY shop, this in itself was pretty hilarious – firstly trying to convince Bugs that 2 meter long tubing could fit into a little Peugeot 107 and secondly getting lots of bemused looks from builders/plumbers/general men’s men as we wandered around the DIY shop agonising about how much copper we needed!

In order to cut the tubing we used a jewellers handsaw that we just happened to have to hand! We tried a regular handsaw to start with but due to the extra thickness of the blade this was a lot harder work! However this would suffice as not everyone has a jewellers handsaw laying around!

The tutorial didn’t mention about permanently fixing the joins however the structure does come apart fairly easily and as we have waggy-tailed dogs and clumsy husbands running around our homes we thought this may be a good idea. We opted for an epoxy adhesive such as Araldite, leaving the top four joins unfixed in order to get the fabric part of the stand on and off.

Birds selected this gorgeous Cotton & Steel fabric designed by Melody Miller for our magazine rack and Bugs decided to finally use some bold print fabric from Ikea she has been hoarding for ages! By the way if you have ever slipped through the fabric section during trips to Ikea it’s time to rethink, you have been missing out! This well known store has a wonderful selection of affordable fabrics!

We felt a little like we were cheating using hemming tape, however it was so easy to use this feeling didn’t last long and we were really pleased with the final results, particularly with the large bold printed fabric. We were worried the large print may not translate in the small  design however it makes for a striking home accessory. The hemming tape did give the joins in the fabric a stiff finish, if we were to make one again we would probably sew it!


This DIY is so simple it’s got us looking around our houses wondering what else we can whip up with some copper pipe and fabric! Has anyone got and DIYs with copper they can recommend?

Bugs & Birds 


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