Screen printing workshop…

Back before we started this blog we went to a screen printing workshop at Drink, Shop & Do run by the lovely Zeena Shah. We had such a great time we thought we’d share it on this blog so you may be inspired to try one of her workshops yourself!

If you have never been to Drink, Shop & Do then add it to your to-visit list straight away! This wonderful cafe by day, bar by night hosts plenty of crafty activities from screen printing, crochet and jewellery making to pumpkin pinatas and lego robots. We arrived a little earlier so we could have a bite to eat and sample some of their teas and cocktails, none of which disappointed.

The workshop was a creative and social event,  with the relaxed atmosphere everyone was able to sit and have a chat whilst putting their drawing and paper cutting skills to the test. Zeena was never far if help was needed and offered lots of words of encouragement and wisdom!


We left the workshop with with grand plans to do more projects involving printing on fabric, luckily for us Zeena has just released her first book ‘How To Print Fabric‘.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming posts on projects we are having a go at from Zeena’s book!

Have you had a go at screenprinting? Did you find it as addictive as we did?!

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