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House plant pics inspo

Here at Bugs & Birds alot of obsessing goes on... Tea ... Beautiful Stationary... Amazing Print Fabric... Unique Jewellery... Tea... Probably after tea the most popular thing is plants. We have a crippling weakness for houseplants. It started with some little succulents which then escalated to every type of houseplant under the sun (apart from orchids - … Continue reading House plant pics inspo

Cocktail ParTEA: Pink Grapefruit Gin & rose lemonade

Over the past few weeks we've been sharing a series of recipes from our Cocktail ParTEA.ย Our third cocktail is made using Bluebird Tea Coโ€™s Pink Grapefruit tea (which was unfortunately limited edition and no longer available). This was one of those teas we initially didn't know what to do with, but after trying the blend, … Continue reading Cocktail ParTEA: Pink Grapefruit Gin & rose lemonade