Chocolate orange matcha cheesecake (vegan)

You may have seen our post where we made a vegan matcha cheesecake for the first time using Mermaid blue matcha from Bluebird Tea Co. Well this time we've tweaked the recipe and gone for a more traditional green matcha cheesecake using orange flavoured matcha on a chocolate base. This is now our go-to dinner … Continue reading Chocolate orange matcha cheesecake (vegan)


Hot Cross Cupcakes

It is T-Easter so we just had to get our bake on again! If you have left it a little last minute to wow your family or friends with an Easter themed sweet treat then this cake is quick and easy to whip up. It also makes a refreshing change from all the chocolate around … Continue reading Hot Cross Cupcakes

Spring style

As the weather starts to change and warm up (can't believe the reports of bluebell shoots starting to appear...) we're already starting to plan our spring style purchases to help get us through the seasonal ups and downs of rain/warmth/snow/smog/frost etc. that can occur in a day. Here is what we'll be wearing this spring... … Continue reading Spring style